You can't read the text on the shirt. I'm sorry for that.
But I wanted to have a clear picture of the tube. Didn't get one sharp while the other one was not reflecting.

The shirt says (in english):
The whole year was a long wait
Till New Year's Day 2008.

& What follows, the day itself is lots of beer, lots of fun, some things we shouldn't say, but still do, some emotion, and probably also someone who is making a wrong decision.

But then we have something to talk about when we start to long for the next New Year's Day.

nieuwjaarsdag 2007

Nieuwjaarsdag 2007

I've already explained the egg, 2 days ago.

& We're small, compared to all those beermogulls.

We might call us 1 of the biggest of the small ones.

But there are a few that are getting ahead of us.

That's alright I think. It's about time that a few breweries in the Netherlands start to grow & become consistent in their production.



A few years we didn't make any shirts for New Year's Day. The colleague who used to design them didn't feel like it.

Maybe he didn't have any inspiration.

In the meantime New Year's Day for me was an opportunity to show all the shirts I had.
I took 30 shirts with me & kept on changing shirts during the day.
Even shirts I never dared to wear, just to surprise people.

& Then a Superwoman became a colleague of mine. She reintroduced the tradition.

You'll see her work the coming days.



For those who don't understand Dutch: the man's head is egg-shaped; the name of the brewery sounds the same as saying 'egg' in Dutch.

But then you write it in a different way.

I think I told these facts roundabout a thousand times. Each week, during a free tour, I'm already doing for 13 years.

13 Times 50. Minus holidays, plus extra tours.

Yesterday somebody was getting some information about this free tour.

Well, I told her, each friday at 4 o'clock.
But coming friday I will be having a hangover, because that's the day after the 1st of January.

nieuwjaarsdag 2001

Nieuwjaarsdag 2001

The goat is coming from an old beer ad, found in a book of mine with lots of beersigns from long ago.
You wouldn't recognise the beer ad. It is totally manipulated & adjusted.

I thought: what use is such a book when I never take a look in it?

So I started to scan all those ads & signs. Put them on my computer.

Now they show themselves as soon as I haven't used the computer for longer than 5 minutes.

500 Of them.

Hm, yeah, I know, I always exaggerate. Once I start doing something I can't stop myself & do it fanatically.

1999 - 2000

1999 - 2000

Once again we used something from the 10th anniversary: the ostrich with the party hat. Together with the 2 other animals we use for the seasonals.

Nothing special to be told about it.

We probably had fun, we probably had a little quarrel, probably somebody left because of that.

On the 1st of January something goes wrong, something comes right.

You just don't know until it happens.

98 - 99

98 - 99

The picture on the T was taken from the improvised label of the End-of-the-Year-beer.

It sometimes happened that our bokbeer was being sold out at the yearly Bockbierfestival. Then some kegs of IJndejaarsbier (the Dutch name for it) were brought to the festival.

To hide that it was not a regular bokbeer, but our new year's beer, the owner changed the name in Turbock. And he used this drawing for it.

Turbock = a bokbeer of which you can get drunk faster.

I'm gonna sell some of it today, since I'm working both Christmasdays. But now it'll be sold under the name IJndejaars again.

10 jaar

10 Jaar

Days like these sometimes seem to be accumulations of things coming together.

Just a ½ hour ago I turned on this shirt. I had decided to go out for something to treat myself after I staying home sick for 2 days.

I phoned my brother before leaving the house.
After a small talk he told me our mother was hospitalized again, just the other minute.

Then I figured whether it was a good decision to go work tomorrow.

Even when I hate Christmas time that much, isn't it the time my mother should expect me? Escpecially now?

I tried to phone a friend. Her mail doens't work properly. So she doesn't answer my repeating emails.

But she also doesn't hear her phone ringing. She regularly turns off the sound of it.
So I couldn't get the advice I thought I needed so badly.

& 1 Of my bosses went mad when I told him I'd might be ill with Christmas.
I was so interested in working on both Christmasdays, he reproached to me.

What that's got to do with the T-shirt?

Well, just that special things are coming together at special days. All at once.



If I remember it correctly the painting was being made for the 10th anniversary of the brewery.

We made a special T-shirt of it for New Year's Day.

Very vulnerable. I think I'm the only one with the picture still on it. It just falls of at a certain moment.

But today I'm ill. Again. So I won't be wearing it too long.

Better don't wash it after wearing. It'll spoil the T.



Here a tradition started. 13 Years ago.

A manwas sitting at the bar, enjoying our beers. Getting slightly pissed. Drawing at coasters.

He left 1 of these coasters with us.

We made a shirt of it. Especially for all the bartenders, for New Year's Day.

I have all of the shirts that were made during time for New Year's Day.

I'll show them the coming days. All being photographed in a certain room in the brewery.

I spoiled this 1 a bit. There are some greasy spots on it, thanks to the fact that I did some dirty cooking with it.



I do have 2 winter ale shirts. 1 Is shortsleeve, the other 1 has long sleeves.

So why not wear them both today?

I asked the former owner whether he wanted to swop his with a shirt of the brewery I work at.

I didn't expect him to agree with it. He seemed a bit introvert. Didn't make any contact while he was looking around in the beerstore.

But he did.

While the shirt says that it's a limited release.

Well, since then I like this guy.

Although I totally forgot who he was & what he looked like.



It is winter.

This morning I heard it on the radio. I was officially announced.

This afternoon it would become winter.

I waited till it was past 12 pm. Then I would be right on time.

But why in the afternoon, I wondered.

When I was laying in my bed it was cold already.



I am coming from there.

Well, I was raised in the city opposite of the island: Den Helder. On the mainland.

Everybody's saying 'tessel', we know that it is 'teksel'.
We, the people from Den Helder.

Now you know too.

Please, tell the people on the island. They should learn to pronounce the name of the island they live on in the right way.



Here it doesn't look as yellow as it does in reality.

& That's what keeps me hesitating to turn it on.

Same accounts for the collar.

I hate collars.

I just had to have this shirt. Al the waiters were wearing it at the last brewery we visited during our holidays in Frankenland.

An hour later we were sitting in the train. Me with this shirt packed.

A shirt I'm about to wear for the 1st time.



I named the picture Lao, because everybody should know by now that it already is about beer.

So skip that.

It's the mat in front of the backdoor of Zijperspace.

Nobody is entering there, except when they used the backdoor to go into my garden.

The same accounts for me off course.

I was thinking how strange that actually is.

When I was a kid you never used the frontdoor. Always the backdoor.

Why did people forget about the backdoor?

Not that you can use mine, but I want that question to be asked.



Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

I never dared to wear this one.

It's looking different from the T's I normally wear.
Don't know how to explain that.

So I'm testing.

The T I decided to wear yesterday didn't last longer than just 1 or 2 hours. I didn't feel too comfortable with it.

So I'm testing.

1, 2, 3.

Hm, there will come a moment that I have to leave home & go out in the open with it.

Just 1 more test...



Take this shirt. Probably 1 of the nicest I have.

Were it not that it doesn't suit me.

It's too small. It fits like a 2nd skin. I won't be able to move myself anymore.

But I'm gonna wear it. Just a few hours. & Nobody will notice.

Except myself.

Maybe some people will think I move a little bit strange.



I sometimes do get shirts I know I will never wear.

That's where I am now: I'll have to wear them.
Otherwise they don't exist.

Now these 2 elephants are suddenly hanging in a tree in my garden.

Otherwise they would never have done that.



1 Of the oldest.

We needed a sort of a flyer for our bokbierparty. Back in 1996.

My brother just copied a cover of the 'Suske & Wiske'-comic & changed it slightly.
He put the illustration on some t-shirts too.

The year after this edition I couldn't be at the party. They had asked me to be part of a television panel, judging dutch bokbeers.

They told me aftewards they had turned on the television while the party was going on.

As soon as I was asked to say something about the bokbeers everybody started to cheer & shout, so nobody could hear the expert talking who originally came from the small place they were sitting now.



I told the man next to me that I had a collection.

I could call it a collection in that time already. The amount of shirts I had exceeded the 50.

A T-shirt collection, I told the man. A beer-T-shirt collection.

The man said he couldn't give his shirt away. He couldn't swop either.
He got his shirt from the owner of his favourite pub.
A very nice lad. & A good friend.

He wrote down my name adress though. He would ask the representative of the brewery.

1 Month later I got 3 shirts via mail.



It's already some time ago I took this picture. The room itself is not like it used to be.

Actually, I don't know what it looks like it this moment. Haven't been there for nearly a week. While they've probably worked on it all the time.

They're moving tanks. Breaking down walls. Restructuring things. Etc...

So this photograph probably can't be made anymore.

But in a way you can say that of lots of the other pictures also.
A girl sings at the background: Everything is temporary.

jack russell

Jack Russell

The owner of Brouwerij de Molen asked me why I didn't take a photograph of the kegs being filled up.
You're in a brewery, he said. You can't see that if you're taking pictures of the floor.

I replied that there was more colour in the flour. This small part here is so rich in colour.

And it's also easier to lay a shirt down, instead of let it hang somewhere.



Just before I wanted to prepare myself to leave home I found out I hardly have any shirts on stock that are already photographed.

Interesting enough to wear today, that's also something that came to my mind.

I quickly improvised some shootings.

But now it comes out that I nearly took them all.

There are just 2 or 3 left over that I still have to take a picture of.

An era comes to an end.

A small era.

But hey, how big is Zijperspace anyway...



It's a whole bunch of breweries on the backside of the T-shirt.

I didn't think about that when I saw somebody else with that same backside.

So I said: Hey, I do have the same shirt.

But it came out I didn't when I saw the frontside.

& Also stupid of me: at that moment it didn't come up to my mind which brewery was on the frontside of mine actually.

When I got home, yeah, then I knew. But then I already had felt myself stupid big time.

ik drink bier

Ik Drink Bier

'Ik drink bier' means 'I drink beer'.
You could have guessed it.

The guy smashing the pink elephant used to drink lots of milk & was called Joris Driepinter.

= Joris 3 Pints.

He was very strong, the advertorials told us in those days, thanks to the large amounts of milk he drank each day.

Now somebody made him drink beer.

The pink elephant stayed the same. Nothing much has changed.



That was a big man I swopped this T with.

Let's see if it'll fit.

Otherwise I have to hide part of it in my trousers.

I'm afraid I'm not used to that. It always feels a bit strange to do so.

Unless I'm at home.



I never thought Nimbus.
I never drank Nimbus.

Looking at that Nimbus the only thing I do think is: do they mean an aureole?

I think I'm not a Nimbus.
I think I'm not a monkey either.

Although I've been growing a beard lately.

rock rhythm & brews

Rock Rhythm & Brews

Oops, I was too busy making a Sinterklaas-rhyme for realising that I had to turn on a T-shirt too.

More important: to place a picture of it here also.

Now I have to hurry. Don't have time to say anything about it.

But maybe I'll adjust this later on, when I get home tonight.



I was on my way back home, but had nearly 2 hrs to spend in Düsseldorf.

So I decided to try to visit 1 of my favourite breweries there.

It's strange how I nearly always find the place I'm aiming for when in a strange city. Especially when I'm on my own.
I was walking straight to it.

& Maybe it was also because I was on my own that it was the 1st time I saw the Schumacher servants laughing.

They even laughed at a remark of mine.

But 1 was very disappointed when I had him walking up & down for a T-shirt I didn't buy at the end.

After all those years the shirts were still in the same colours.



A few years ago I couldn't imagine days I wouldn't pass my own entrance for at least one time a day.

Now I've been staying inside already for the biggest part of it.

I'm getting older. I'm getting calm.

Some will say I'm getting boring.

They don't have to worry, I was that already.

Now I have to take a shower, dress myself and leave for at meeting.

We'll have to decide how we're gonna organise the elections for best Dutch weblogs.

It's about to be time.

To leave home, I mean.



Yesterday I saw they moved some refermantationtanks in the brewery I work in.

This picture is close to the place where they stand now.

They left a great mess at the place where they once stood.

Great, yeah.

I felt sorry I didn't bring any shirts with me. Shirts are doing very well amidst dirt, broken walls & garbage I found out.

For me a brewery doesn't have to be as clean as the commodity inspection department wants it.



I'm gonna swear all kinds of biblical curses today.

Today I was planning to take it at ease, to relax, to enjoy something in a very calm mood, to go to a museum & enjoy the sight of classic paintings from Dutch Masters.

But somebody spoiled my pleasure in it.

So I'm gonna do the same things, wear an extra black T, and say filthy things about that guy standing in front of beautiful paintings.

Without anyone noticing that off course.

That'll teach him.