My hair is shorter now.

I asked the barber wether he could trim my beard too. But I think this Turkish man didn’t understand what trimming meant.

After the haircut I took a shower. The 3rd in less than 12 hours.
It didn’t help too much. It’s still itching in my neck.

I probably have some showers to go. It’s this kind of weather again. Like on the photograph.

Disadventage of the way the image is printed on the T is that it’s slowly fading. Only 1554 is easy to see.



I’m going to have myself a haircut.

Not something I look forward to. I have been planning to do it for 4 weeks.

Well, that haircut is the reason for wearing this T. It sweats too much at my back.

& After visiting the barber I’ll change T-shirts. So I won’t be bothered too long with itching hairs in the back of my neck.



That’s my handwriting. There on the blackboard.

It always amazes me that it’s so easy to recognize it.

It’s me, I think looking at it. As if I’m seeing myself reflected in a mirror.

That feeling is so strong that I’m 100 % sure that I didn’t write ‘IJ-wit’.

bières sans frontières

Bières sans Frontières

Because I always want to go home, I had decided it might be better to do 2 beerfestivals in 2001. The regular Kent Beerfestival & the Great British Beerfestival.

It would keep my mind busy.

The week inbetween the 2 I walked. Lots. With a tent in my backpack.

I sometimes think that I have too much energy, compared to others.

I arrived at the GBBF & wanted to work. But all the other members of the staff were sitting most of the time.
There was just not so much to do.

I could have done lots of the things that should have been done on my own. But I decided to sit next to the other members of the staff.

Maybe we should try another beer that just had arrived?



Arriving at the Hogs Back Brewery was totally different from my visit to Harveys.

Oh hello, I said to the 1st person I met there, I sell your beer. In Amsterdam.

The man appeared to be the owner.
He immediately called for his salesman, who was about to leave for some customers.
It was better if the salesman gave me a tour instead. Customers could wait.

& An extensive tour it was.

I drank 4 different kinds of ales, early in the morning. I had to, I couldn’t refuse this hospitality.

Then I had to walk on to Guildford. Roundabout 15 kms further.

At the last moment the salesman gave me a T-shirt.
It wasn’t this one though.



I had to walk to Lewes a 2nd time. The sole of 1 of my shoes got loose.

It might give me the opportunity this time to visit the brewery.

I’m selling your beers, I told the people in the brewery-store. In Amsterdam.

As if that was interesting.

I could buy their beers. I couldn’t visit the brewery. I could buy a T. £ 5,-.

I went to the other side of the street. A small pub. I drank some ales.
Not theirs.



My mother will come to visit me in a few hours.

I still have to get rid of a few piles of shirts.
There are 4 now.

Nr 1 is the pile with T’s I didn’t take a photograph of.
Nr 2 I did, but I didn’t wear them yet (so not published either).
Nr 3 I wore & is about to get folded.
Nr 4 is the same, but I’m uncertain whether I’ll find time to get rid of it in a decent way.

Than there are also a few T’s that are spread around my place.

Better hide them than try to explain how my house became such a T-shirt-mess.

kent 2000

Kent 2000

My 1st festival.
Via the traintunnel to the UK.

I didn’t realize, untill arrival, it was my 1st time in the UK also.

I had plans to stay there a little bit longer, but really didn’t know where to go.

A country can be too big.

Well, in my case that can easily happen.
Foreign countries are overwhelming most of the time.

I changed the date of my trainticket & left the same day as the festival ended.



The puppet has a safety pin through its head.
It’s my only piercing, I sometimes say.
Kids look at me astonished when I tell them that.

One kid asked her mother wether that could be possible.
I proved it by taking the pin between my fingers to move it a little bit.
My face looked like I was suffering from pain.

That was quite an effort. I never did any acting classes.

But the girl believed me.
Ouch, it’s real, she said to her mother & moved her head away.



I don’t have anything with Guinness.
I don’t like it.
There are better stouts.

The only adventage the brand has is its image, where they spend lots of money on.
Not a good reason for wearing a Guinness-T.

So better giggle about it.

For 1 time.
I’ll probably never wear this 1 again.