personalities too

Personalities Too

With T-shirts like this people want to see what the T is saying. They start to stare.

Don’t look at my tits, I say.
Especially when women are involved.
That’s funny.

Well, you were looking at mine, one instantly reacted.


flying fish

Flying Fish

This is already the 50th.
So it had to be something special, at this 08-08-08.

Well, at least it’s something orange. The Dutch will be pleased.

Mike gave me this one. He lives next to the brewery.
In US-citizen terms most of the time that means he can arrive there by car within 10 minutes.

I had told him I liked the colour of The evils of drinking, the T he brought me 1 year earlier.

& It’s true. Although the Dutch are specialized in wearing orange T’s, most of the time it’s a disgusting bright orange they use. US-orange is more subtle.

With the Olympics officially starting in a few hours I guess I can wear that colour today.
Of course thinking about Holland.



The supermarket gives me 35 % discount when I buy their meat that is close to experation date.

I immediately put it in the fridge when I come home.
After that I wait for a nice moment to eat that meat.

Very often that’ll be during my ‘weekend’. When I don’t have to think about time.

I let the sun do the work.
It’s light gives the defrosting meat lots of colours.



1 In 5 breweries in Frankenland has a swan in his logo.
The others have crowns.

The brewery at the other side of the street was extremely busy. That was 1 hour earlier.
Here it was quiet.

Some old people eating cake.
Some young kids running around, being yelled after by their grandparents. With calm & moderate voices.
Old people are very capable in doing that.

Most of the people asked for cake to take. They wanted to eat some more when they got home.

I wanted to drink some more at my apartment. So I asked for beer to take.

I should have asked for the cake.

good times

Good Times

My cousin took it with him. He visited the Netherlands again. Stayed here for a while.

I think it was the year he designed the posters for the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.
He asked me if I could join him spreading them, glue them to walls in the heart of gay Amsterdam.

It was cold. We didn’t want to be caught by the police. & In a way it was boring too.
But for the 1st time I got to know the gay places in my own hometown. Thanks to my Canadian cousin.

Yeah, that must have been the year I got this T.
Otherwise the year before it.

in peace too

In Peace Too

Everything is green here.
Except for the balcony of my neighboor at the 1st floor.

I don’t exactly know why, but this photograph gives me the feeling I’m glad that I’m here.
My own place.

Grapes hanging on the underside of the balcony.
Light coming in.
Doors open, but not too much.
Garding waiting for my eyes to say that it’s alright.

I live here, it says.

in peace

In Peace

I was waiting for a day like this.
T-wise, that is. It’s bad-weather-T-shirt-day today.

The king of Katoren, don’t know how the book is being translated in English, wanted to be buried at a day like this.
The children’s book writer Jan Terlouw wrote that the king of Katoren didn’t want to miss a day of good weather. So he’d rather died when it was raining. And mourning should suit bad weather. & Vice versa.

I wore this T when my godmother got buried.
Same thing at my father’s grave.
& Then also the death of my brother came.

I seldom have other opportunities to wear it.

‘In de Vrede’ means ‘In Peace’.

But some things you can’t translate.

I can’t translate the emotions that this T is bearing.
You gotta do it with this.



Bamberg is Beerparadise, I often say to customers.

Or: Bamberg is Beercapital of the world.

To continue with: They have 9 breweries in a town of 70.000 people.

At those moments I talk with capitals & exclamation marks.

& When you’re leaving Bamberg, I keep on about it, each village you visit has another brewery, or maybe 2.

But not so long ago 1 of the 9 Bamberg breweries had to stop.

Well, at least I have the T-shirt.



My new phone arrived 2 days ago.

I still have to figure out how it’s working. It’s an N82, you see. With Carl Zeiss-lens.

I keep on telling this to people, though I really don’t know what a Carl Zeiss-lens is doing.
It sounds like quality. So I guess that’s what it does. Giving me some extra quality.

But I still have some pictures on stock. Photographs I took with the K800i. That doesn’t have anything Carl Zeissians in it.

I do love the things I could do with the light on the K800i.

This one here is made in full daylight. At the backside of my garden. With the help of a sun reflecting mirror.

I’m becoming a professional cellphone photographer.

Do you know how to make a phonecall, my colleague asked me yesterday.