It says: Who’s protecting your pint?

Halfway the day, hm, no, just with the night to go, I’m changing T’s.

I’m gonna see a girl, you see.

We’re going out to dinner.

That’s quite some time ago I did that.

So I need a clean T.

It’s some time ago, yeah. It needs a clean T.

A shower too.



This is what I’ve been looking at, the past few days.

The T was hanging there already for weeks. If not months.

I thought it was a good idea. But I didn’t like the light falling on the wall.

Staying at home for several days finally the light was ok.

I was sitting there, behind the computer, waiting for something to do. Waiting for more energy. Waiting, just waiting.

Now that’s finished.

Although I still have a bad cough.



This is the shirt.
Now I’m ill I walk around here in the sweater. The whole day.

Underneath it the shirt.

I said to the man: I’m selling a lot of your beers.

He was not eager to give me the sweater. He’d rather given it to the bartender standing next to me.

The bartender said: Well, I’m not gonna wear it, you know that for sure. But Ton will.

He still hesitated.

Actually, I’m wearing it every day.
It’s nearly worn out.

If somebody’s coming, I’m taking it off to hide it somewhere.

People shouldn’t see how filthy I am.

I’m gonna wear the T underneath it.



Today my working week should have started. I had to postpone it.

Feel kind of sick to my stomach.

Yesterday I felt alright. Although awfuly tired in the morning.

When I had enough energy again I went to visit my mom (picture is taken at the Amsterdam Central Station, while I was waiting for the train to arrive).

My mother had left the hospital early that morning.
She said she was doing fine. Tired though.

Tuesday they will check her once again. To see what the cause might have been of the cardiac arrythmia.

Being in the city I grew up I took the opportunity to take pictures of some more T’s.

It will always be part of Zijperspace, although some important people from those times already have dissapeared.

Better not be too late.



I took this photograph in the same way as Coopers.

With a different cellphone though.

& It’s a different day too.

Rozwithart brought me this T from her trip to the US last year.

I showed her the result.

She said the white is shining too much.

But I like the spotlight effect at the back.

Once in their shortlived T-shirtlife they all may stand on this small stage.



I planned this T.

I had to look good today. So i needed 1 of my favourites.

They had to film me. Talking about beer.
Talking about bockbeer especially.

A 2-minute item for on internet, release right after the start of the Bockbierfestival.

But then I got a phonecall last night.
They had taken my mother to the hospital. Cardiac arrythmia.

Still I had my T planned for today.
1 Of my favourites.
& Filming me should also go on.

All those things that go on although they are in a different rhythm.

This T is lucky.



I still don’t feel to well.

So another day with a shirt I wouldn’t want to wear in public.

It’s hanging among the grapes, when they weren’t ripe yet.

Now they’ve ripened blackbirds are trying to pick them.
I love the sight of it. Especially when they see me looking at them.

Somebody asked me: don’t you think that’s a waste? You could’ve eaten them yourself.

No, I prefer looking at the blackbirds trying to sneak them away.



I’m about to take a shower.
Although it’s close to 7.

I didn’t go to work. I have a cold. Headache too.
It felt like I couldn’t breathe last night.

So I stayed at home.
Doing nothing.
& A lot in the meantime.

A day got lots of hours when you don’t move.

I needed hours.

I also needed an opportunity to wear a T that I didn’t dare to wear in public.

So I’m going to take a shower. & Pietra will be mine.
Nobody will see.



I visited this brewery 2 weeks ago.
Brouwerij de Molen is its name.

I was very enthousiastic about it.
Great beer. Great welcome.
We got treated very well.

We drank, we ate, we got back to Amsterdam. We were satisfied.

But last week I had to do a blindtasting of smoked beers.

I couldn’t believe the worst beer of the selection I got to taste was from de Molen.

I filled in another name.

O please, forget this story.
Go visit that brewery!
Go drink their beers!



It’s not the most beautiful picture I took, but the T is one that I’m especially proud of.

It was the 1st T Bob & Mary gave me.

They asked me to turn it on and took a picture of me.
I was standing at the place where this photograph is being taken. These shelves were the background.

They took the picture with them to the beershop Bottleworks in Seattle. & There they hang my picture on the wall.

I’ve been hanging there for several years.
Surrounded by bottles of beer here & overseas at the same time.

I love the uncapped bottle.

You may interpret that last sentence in your own way.