There are fewer hours in a day.
There are fewer minutes in an hour.
In a minute there are less seconds.

I’m getting old.

My haste is growing.

Every day I’m late in being on time.



Same place. Different shirt.
Same brewery. Different colour.
Same beer. Different text.

A few weeks later it is.
They placed a system on the wall so the cleaning tools can hang.

Untill roundabout a year ago there was a fridge standing to this wall.
That’s why it’s still a bit white.

History in the wall was frozen.
Only that part.

Now it’s changing all the time.



I had planned to wear my other Pyramid Hefe Weizen shirt today.
But I totally forgot that I have to do a blind tasting tonight.

Rauchbier. 13 of them.
Of which 10 are German.

I can’t wear a hefe weizen shirt at such a day.

It should be a genuine German shirt, I decided.

I took this photograph at Brouwerij de Molen. One of the Dutch contestants tonight.

Some things you gotta do in style.
Albeit a tiny bit of style.

hefe weizen

Hefe Weizen

I gave up drinking wheatbeers a long time ago.

There’s often a kind of banana flavour to it.
I hate that in beer.

I do have those shirts though. Especially brought to me by B & M out of that far away country called the US of A.

Those T’s made a long journey.
I got to be thankfull. & Wear it. Because they look great.

One can’t drink shirts.

So I won’t complain about the taste of it.



I got this one from 2 of the ‘Scooters’. That’s a group of Vespa owners.
We call them the Scooters.

The couple was on holiday in Seattle.
I don’t know whether they have Vespa’s there.

Anyway, they drink beer here in Amsterdam, so they decided to drink beer there also.

Then they saw a T-shirt hanging. & They suddenly remembered their favourite bartender.

That’s me, the last one.

So they brought me a T that is fitting me tight.
I can breath in it, but I shouldn’t get mad at someone.

That’s why I’m only wearing it at Sundays. When the Scooters are visiting our brewpub.