I do have 2 winter ale shirts. 1 Is shortsleeve, the other 1 has long sleeves.

So why not wear them both today?

I asked the former owner whether he wanted to swop his with a shirt of the brewery I work at.

I didn’t expect him to agree with it. He seemed a bit introvert. Didn’t make any contact while he was looking around in the beerstore.

But he did.

While the shirt says that it’s a limited release.

Well, since then I like this guy.

Although I totally forgot who he was & what he looked like.



It is winter.

This morning I heard it on the radio. I was officially announced.

This afternoon it would become winter.

I waited till it was past 12 pm. Then I would be right on time.

But why in the afternoon, I wondered.

When I was laying in my bed it was cold already.



I am coming from there.

Well, I was raised in the city opposite of the island: Den Helder. On the mainland.

Everybody’s saying ’tessel’, we know that it is ’teksel’.
We, the people from Den Helder.

Now you know too.

Please, tell the people on the island. They should learn to pronounce the name of the island they live on in the right way.



Here it doesn’t look as yellow as it does in reality.

& That’s what keeps me hesitating to turn it on.

Same accounts for the collar.

I hate collars.

I just had to have this shirt. Al the waiters were wearing it at the last brewery we visited during our holidays in Frankenland.

An hour later we were sitting in the train. Me with this shirt packed.

A shirt I’m about to wear for the 1st time.



I named the picture Lao, because everybody should know by now that it already is about beer.

So skip that.

It’s the mat in front of the backdoor of Zijperspace.

Nobody is entering there, except when they used the backdoor to go into my garden.

The same accounts for me off course.

I was thinking how strange that actually is.

When I was a kid you never used the frontdoor. Always the backdoor.

Why did people forget about the backdoor?

Not that you can use mine, but I want that question to be asked.



Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

I never dared to wear this one.

It’s looking different from the T’s I normally wear.
Don’t know how to explain that.

So I’m testing.

The T I decided to wear yesterday didn’t last longer than just 1 or 2 hours. I didn’t feel too comfortable with it.

So I’m testing.

1, 2, 3.

Hm, there will come a moment that I have to leave home & go out in the open with it.

Just 1 more test…



Take this shirt. Probably 1 of the nicest I have.

Were it not that it doesn’t suit me.

It’s too small. It fits like a 2nd skin. I won’t be able to move myself anymore.

But I’m gonna wear it. Just a few hours. & Nobody will notice.

Except myself.

Maybe some people will think I move a little bit strange.



I sometimes do get shirts I know I will never wear.

That’s where I am now: I’ll have to wear them.
Otherwise they don’t exist.

Now these 2 elephants are suddenly hanging in a tree in my garden.

Otherwise they would never have done that.



1 Of the oldest.

We needed a sort of a flyer for our bokbierparty. Back in 1996.

My brother just copied a cover of the ‘Suske & Wiske’-comic & changed it slightly.
He put the illustration on some t-shirts too.

The year after this edition I couldn’t be at the party. They had asked me to be part of a television panel, judging dutch bokbeers.

They told me aftewards they had turned on the television while the party was going on.

As soon as I was asked to say something about the bokbeers everybody started to cheer & shout, so nobody could hear the expert talking who originally came from the small place they were sitting now.



I told the man next to me that I had a collection.

I could call it a collection in that time already. The amount of shirts I had exceeded the 50.

A T-shirt collection, I told the man. A beer-T-shirt collection.

The man said he couldn’t give his shirt away. He couldn’t swop either.
He got his shirt from the owner of his favourite pub.
A very nice lad. & A good friend.

He wrote down my name adress though. He would ask the representative of the brewery.

1 Month later I got 3 shirts via mail.