con domus

Con Domus

It’s a shirt for students.

I thought it was funny then.

At the backside: Willing, but with a lively character… Who can withstand that?

Frontside (this one here): Raise him!



I gave the man some beer.

& Later I regretted it.

It’s not a very good print. The bottom of the illustration is gone.

But yeah, I was just starting to collect shirts. Although I didn’t want to admit that yet.

I was not too critical. I wanted to have more shirts. So people would say: Hey, you’re having a new shirt on!

Yep, I’m doing that for 218 days now.

Although they’re not all new.



I’m wearing this one already for some hours.

I nearly fell asleep again, this morning, so I decided to go out & do some shopping.

Man wakes up biking around in the rain for 2 hours.

After that man gets tired again.

So I didn’t feel like publishing the next photograph. I preferred doing nothing.

& Now nothing starts to get boring & is reinviting me for a short nap I decided it’s time for beer.



Today once again we’re gonna try to throw pellets in the bin.

In dutch: propjes in de prullenbak.

Nice alliteration that is.

Nothing special with that. Just throwing inbetween tapping beer.

We have plenty of other things to do, but we throw those pellets anyway.

Who’s gonna hit the bin is getting a point. Quite logical.

But now I do have a special jersey. So I will come prepared.

My colleague will be amazed. And lose.



I haven’t been counting them, all the breweries that are on this T.

Or no, I have been counting them, but I forgot the result.

& Now I don’t feel eager enough to stand up & count again.

All the breweries from the Netherlands. As it was a few years ago.

Probably there are more.

But still there’s not enough quality.
There is, but not enough.

what’s inside

What's Inside

I didn’t realize it until I saw the photograph on my computer.

It is as if the bottle is actually standing there.

Well, I think so.

So I thought I succeeded although it was not what I intended to do.

That’s good too, isn’t it?



I fell asleep.

I was up already for a few hours. But then I started listening to a radio play, meanwhile laying on the couch.

That was fatal.

A friend of mine keeps on saying that I can place all those pictures on Flickr instantly. I just have to keep them for myself, so other people can’t see them yet.

& When I display them for everybody I have to antedate them, she says.

But I need the pressure of the last moment, I think.

& I’m too stubborn.

Now you all know.



I don’t want to walk around in the same clothes as other people.

Especially when they say you have to.

Well, it wasn’t obliged to wear this T, but they rather had that you did.

So, I didn’t.

It’s an awful T-shirt also.
With the logo of Coop on the front side.
Free advertising done by 100’s of staff at a beerfestival.

& Now I’m gonna do that to. Just for 1 afternoon.

But I have to. I just have to.
They didn’t.



Before you start to wonder what the title ‘Lips’ is about: at the backside it says ‘Lips of Faith’.

& I really don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.

Even Bob & Mary, who gave me this T, didn’t know what the brewery was trying to tell us with these 3 words. While they are native americans.

So I thought it might be better to show you the logo at the frontside.
Carefully placed at the worn-out counter at my job.



We do have new lagering tanks. It’ll be possible soon to do 3 batches a week.

I don’t have time to write about that. I’ve been wasting my time here.
Have to catch a train. But I also want to smell nice.

So away for a shower.

& Gone.