in peace

In Peace

I was waiting for a day like this.
T-wise, that is. It’s bad-weather-T-shirt-day today.

The king of Katoren, don’t know how the book is being translated in English, wanted to be buried at a day like this.
The children’s book writer Jan Terlouw wrote that the king of Katoren didn’t want to miss a day of good weather. So he’d rather died when it was raining. And mourning should suit bad weather. & Vice versa.

I wore this T when my godmother got buried.
Same thing at my father’s grave.
& Then also the death of my brother came.

I seldom have other opportunities to wear it.

‘In de Vrede’ means ‘In Peace’.

But some things you can’t translate.

I can’t translate the emotions that this T is bearing.
You gotta do it with this.

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