He’s gonna phone me, soon.
He’ll ask whether I want to join him again. Standing in a barn, 3 days, 1 extra for lifting up our foreign beer stand, selling ales to a mainly in lagers interested crowd.
And I’ll be sleeping in the Hilton, which is a brick of containers, having English breakfast in The Sportmens Cafe. And during daytime I’ll be walking in the surroundings of Canterbury at bridle roads I already know from the years before.
Each day I’ll be looking at the T’s T-shirt-man is selling, at moments he’s not watching. To finally decide that there is just 1, just 1! T-shirt I want to take with me home.

But I’m afraid I’m gonna say I won’t be going to Canterbury this year.



I didn’t get my 2nd day T-shirt, nor my 3rd day’s, because I didn’t wear the 1st one.
I want all the staff to wear the T, she said. It was a big effort to let the brewery pay for it. They want something back for their money.

I don’t want to look like everyone else.

At the end of the festival I got the spare T’s.

blind dog

Blind dog

She said: You got a blind dog.
I looked around & didn’t see what she meant. I even looked behind me. What were her eyes pointing at?
Yep, a blind dog, she repeated. It doesn’t have eyes, just holes.
She smiled.

She made the joke each time I wore the T-shirt.
& Each time I started defending my favourite T, although I knew she was just kidding.

O, I loved that smile.



Today is White-T-shirt-day.
But before it’s gonna start I walk around in close to nothing. It’s hot!
The doors are closed. To keep the heat outside.
I stay here as long as possible, waiting for White-T-shirt-day to start. But it doesn’t have to.

T’s Backside:



They were looking for a name for their new beer.
Hmpf, this one tasted good!
But although they drank a lot of it, the beer didn’t supply its name.
Just before sleeping one said: Yaarrggh!
They barely could remember it next morning.

When people are looking with staring eyes at what my T is saying, I say it out loud, with big CAPITALS.
Sometimes somebody screams.



I guess I can say I do collect some things.

Life is a museum, isn’t it?
You just have to open it up. When nobody is seeing something it won’t exist.

head shirt

Head Shirt

Some things you’re just not aware of that you’re doing them. Some things have more meaning than you thought in the 1st place.

I didn’t realize his head was right there where it should be.

I didn’t realize I got this T at my 43rd birthday, the 1st birthday I got older than him. The moment I would be older, forever, than my 1 year older brother.

& When I got this T, I didn’t realize it was my birthday.
It was the 1st birthday, as far as I can remember, I didn’t celebrate with others. Not even with myself.

Still I got this T that day as a present.

unfolded shirt

Unfolded Shirt

When I sell a shirt at the place I work I sometimes make the joke that the customer better let me fold it. My mother taught me how to…

This one has been laying in my wardrobe for years.
It’s also been some time ago I told my joke. But what’s a joke worth when you know it’s truth.

explore the unknown

Explore the Unknown

Nothing has changed. Everything the same. Except for the chair that I’ve turned 90°.
Men should keep the things as they are.
I don’t believe in exploring the unknown. Doesn’t work for me.

This is T’s backside.

dead shirt

Dead Shirt

The girl who gave me this T died last week. They had a memorial for her in a town close to Seattle while we dutch were looking soccer.
She told me back then that she helped decorate the Hales Brewery.
I decorated her shirt.

In memory all shirts keep on belonging to the people who once gave them.

Backside: “Think Globally, Drink Locally!”