one hundred and one

One Hundred and One

The 100th photo, so about to be time that I show you my 1st beershirt.

Well, it was the moment that it came up to my mind that I wanted to have more shirts.

A collection was started. My body became my own museum.

I swapped it with the brewer of Flying Fish. He visited Amsterdam for the Bockbierfestival.

I’m still gratefull.



Simon asked me why I didn’t place a T on the stairs of De Wildeman.

Oh yeah, they have stairs too, I thought. It’ll look great.

I’d better do that, I replied to Simon, when there are no customers in the pub.

But now I’m looking for stairs all the time.

Or, that happened earlier this week, I feel sorry when I forgot to use stairs to for showing another T.

I don’t have stairs at my own place. I only have a stepladder here.



He took us with him to his stock.
It was 15 min walking.

It was worth it.
We could take a look at his wooden kegs.
We could even drink something from it.

Oh, heaven is here, we realized.

Heaven should be photographed.

But I left my T’s at the brewery itself. No photograph without a T.

Wait, I remembered suddenly, I am wearing a longsleeves that’s not been registered yet.

I explained Menno, the brewer.

Do you know the sign on this T-shirt, I asked him.

Yep, it’s Gadd’s, he replied. A good friend of mine.



Sometimes I’m getting crazy of all those empty bottles. We don’t have enough crates to store them in a decent way.

The day starts with sorting out what can be placed in a crate where the bottles fit in.

Mess. Always a mess.
Alway trying to get rid of it.



We had finished the blind tasting of 10 tripels.

& Just like schooldays I was the 1st to sit somewhere else.

It seems like I intuitively know the places where people will gather.

Before they joined me I hanged this T in a tree in the La Trappe garden. I took a photograph.

Then I turned around & waited for the conversations about to happen.

It’s nearly always the same.
I really don’t mind that though.



While we were waiting I told the people about the amount of T’s I collected during the years.
& That I was placing photographs of them on Flickr.

Most of the people still don’t know what Flickr is.

We were waiting. For the Belgians to arrive.

In the meantime I photographed the shirt I’d just bought at the shop of La Trappe.

It’s strange to take a picture while people are watching you.
It is as if the things won’t do what you want them to do.

Finally I succeeded.
It was at the moment nobody was interested in me anymore. The Belgians had just arrived.

les brasseries

Les Brasseries

This is the backside. Frontside has the logo of Brasserie Fantome. A nice little brewery in the Belgian Ardennes.

I liked the shirt, I told Hugh the evening before we left for the Kent Beerfestival.

Well, we 1st gonna try to sell it at the festival, he said. You may have it when we don’t.

We didn’t.

timothy taylor

Timothy Taylor

I do have another T from the same brewery.

The backside of it says: A real winner seeks long term relationship.

I’m afraid I don’t dare to wear that one. It’s asking for stupid remarks.

Especially because I’m a long term single.

hogs back

Hogs Back

This is the flour of the Bierkoning. The flour in the cellar, where are stock is located.

You can see some pieces of broken glass laying there. Exploding bottles.

Once a bottle broke right at the moment I turned my head around. One piece of glass just passed my head. I could hear it passing.
Then it hit a beerglass, in the shelves standing to the side of cellar.

That exploded too.

It’s a really dangerous job, you know, selling beer.



It says: I was lost – but now I’m Founders.

This electricity controlpanel is normally surrounded by a sort of a box. A case you can pick up, so you can have full sight at the panel.

It looks pretty professional.


Probably it’s not so different from other company’s controlpanels. But I think this 1 looks quite fascinating.