I do have an eye for it nowadays. I can see it in the corner of my field of vision.

Sorry sir, I say, there’s a stop sign overthere that says ‘Staff only’. Everything that’s overthere is in the shop too. And even more.

Sometimes I make them jump. They don’t notice that I’m paying attention.

The sign on the ground is totally worn out.
All those people trying to trespass.

But that looks good on the picture.



It’s a great day to wear this T today!

I got an e-mail this morning from Bob & Mary. They said it should be possible for us to collect some Westvleteren 12 at September 8th. The 1st day for us to arrive in Poperinge.

They got contact with the beerline, but the monk didn’t understand their English.

Could I try?

I started calling, but came to realize that we wouldn’t have a car.

No connection was being made though. So no problem.
Even not after 1 hour.

So I thought: I try it for the last time.

I got connected!

I explained we would come by bike. Would that be a problem?

The monk was amazed, but the next moment he wrote down my name.

2 Crates are reserved.

A great day for wearing this T today!

mein original

Mein Original

It was our last day in Forchheim.

German breweries don’t fancy t-shirts too much, I had concluded.
Just 1 T in a whole week of visiting breweries! And a hat (plus 1 hat that didn’t fit, but got for free).

We were sitting in Gasthof Neder. 1 Of the 4 breweries in Forchheim.
We were getting drunk.
Although we didn’t realize that.

A guy came sitting close to us, while we were already talking to some locals.

Hey, you have a T from St. Georgen, I remarked.
Yep, I work there, he reacted.
We also work in a brewery, I said. & We do have a T-shirt too.

I took my grey longsleeve out of my backpack.

Next moment he was sitting ½ naked next to me, trying to get my L-shirt over his XL-body.

Everybody laughed. & He was proud.

irish immigrant

Irish Immigrant

I’m always trying to wear this T on St. Patricks day. But since I’m not Irish most of the time that’s either 1 day too early or 1 day too late.

I don’t have Irish friends.
Maybe better, for me it’s always difficult to understand what they are saying.

& Than the couch. It’s seldom that I’m sitting in it.
It’s opposite to my television. I only use that thing for watching a part of a movie while eating dinner.

That’s why the grand foulard I have draped over the couch is not as pale as the T is.



Our German beer importer came with this one.
A shirt for soccer, thats what I thought. He was thinking the same.

I never played soccer.
Except for 1 time.

Indoor soccer. Together with some international fellowstudents.
I was there to look at a their games during a 1-day tournament.

Then the keeper got injured. They brought him to the hospital.

Guess who was coming to stand on goal instead?

They lost (me too) that last game.
11 – 1.

Oh, how scared I was of the ball.

Nowadays I sometimes kick a lost ball back to kids who were playing with it.



This is yesterday’s other side of our ‘keg-cleaner’. Several weeks later.

All looks the same, but isn’t.
Search for the differences.

It keeps going on, the slight changes.

I don’t bother too much. As long as it won’t go too fast.

Better still: no changes at all. Everything the same.
For ever.

dark star

Dark Star

I already had my new cellphone (= camera) for a week, but I didn’t succeed to make a photograph that I could feel satisfied with.

Finally this one.

All the cleaning tools we use when the day is ended.
Well, when we are closed & we have to get rid of the mess.

Got the T from Simon, also a bartender at a very special beerplace.

Had to say that. He is following my T’s here. & He is too nice a fellow to forget to mention him.



We’re still at the same place. We still have the same objects.
They might be placed differently, but the world stays the same.

One could say.

& Although you could conclude that it is because I’m using another camera (= cellphone) now, it feels strange that everything looks that different.

The yellow hose is there already for months. The heater for years now.
The green keeps on growing, but sometimes I take it away.

Is it time in movement I see?

dark age

Dark Age

This is gonna be my last picture of a shirt made with the k800i.

I still have 4 left over, but I don’t think the quality is good enough.
Standards are getting higher. My own standards off course.

Nokia will be in charge. N82 is the word.
Totally different colours. More sharpness. More subtlety.

Sometimes that’s a disadventage. I think I have made several nice photographs with it though.

So we’re about to enter a new age. An age of T’s photographed with another cellphone.



I got this T personally from Eric Warner, the CEO of the Flying Dog Brewery.

3 Months later he resigned.

Does that lower the value of the gift, I asked myself.

I don’t know why this question came up to me. I just had to admit that it did.

It’s strange that some things are more special to me if I can measure a certain value to it.

I think it’s a bit embarassing since I came to realize that.

At least in this occasion I’m being honest to myself.