There are two names of beers that foreign people, mainly english & american, can’t pronounce.

Westvleteren & Weihenstephan.

So I correct them.

That’s something I inherited of my father.
My brothers have that same problem.

They ask for Westfilters – I say Westvleteren.

They ask for Weissenstan – I say Weihenstephan.

I’m especially good in pronouncing dutch names, I sometimes explain to them, while I, for a short moment, secretly think about my late father.



Once we changed a name of our beers on tap from Paas-IJ (Easter Egg) in Mij-bock (May-bock).

We had some kegs left over of it, had already passed the Easter & were coming in the direction of the month of May.

So we thought it was funny to change its name in May-bock.

That gave some consternation with some regular customers.

They said they didn’t like the May-bock & wanted to have back the Paas-IJ.

We didn’t tell them anything about the true nature of this beer, but they still believe they drank something else.

This shirt is a 1-made-only. My colleagues gave it to me as a birthday gift, years ago.



Something went wrong yesterday.
& Here is part of the reason.

I bought a new mediaplayer. It’s the big one.

It has wifi. So I was trying to connect it to my network.

Long story, but there it went wrong. No internet for 1 night. & Next morning I had to adjust some options on both my computer and my new toy in the right way.

No time was left for placing a shirt online.

So now everything is back to normal it’s time for 2 of them.

chang t too

Chang T too

It works quite well, wearing afwull T’s underneath my longsleeves.
Nobody, except for the people looking online, can see I have disgusting beer on my body.

But now I’m in trouble.

I’ve been telling here before that I can’t stand clothing that itches.

This T-shirt looks like it’s gonna itch.

I can recognize it.

So today it’ll be longsleeve, shortsleeve, longsleeve, longsleeve and longsleeve. That’ll be it.

Oh, & off course a sweater & a coat. Nearly forgot that it’s freezing again.



Yesterday somebody asked me whether it was a Singha-shirt I wore that day.

I said yes, but pleasepleasepleasedon’ttellanybody.

Today is the same.
Once again I’m gonna put 4 shirts on top of it.

It’s a Caffrey’s.

A Caffrey’s?

Yes, a Caffrey’s.

Frontside: Q. What’s the difference about Caffrey’s?

Backside: A. It will be all clear in the morning. Easier drinking Caffrey’s. Now 4.2% ABV.

& They’re proud of it.

I’ve been hiding the logo behind some plants here.

So please don’t ask me what I was wearing today. I don’t want to be aware of it.



Now you know what my kitchen looks like.

It’s a mess.

Although not extremely dirty. I just don’t put the things at the right place after using it.

My living room is the same. But then filled up with books. & Bags where those books have been transported in.

The positive thing about these grease stains is that their colour goes well with the sign of this awful beer.



My colleague did lose last week. Thanks to my cycling jersey.

1st We did bad both. We couldn’t hit the bin with our pellets.

Then I threw my 1st point. & My 2nd.

It went from 2 – 0, via 2 – 1 to 3 – 2.

We closed, chased the customers away & decided to do 1 more hit. Just for fun.

I made it 4 – 2. He made 4 – 3.

So today the same scenario. I’m a champion in these kind of jerseys.



I visited Haarlem this week. To see an exposition.

I watched all the paintings, took my time.

& Then I suddenly was out on the streets again.

I decided to walk around a bit. I might even go into a pub, I thought.

But no pubs were open. Not the ones I wanted to drink a beer in.

So I’ve seen all the streets of the city centre.

While I was hoping people didn’t see I was just walking around, having no goal, reappearing time & time again.

When I didn’t dare anymore I took the road to the Central Station again.

I better drink a beer in Amsterdam, I thought.



I’ve visited the brewery once. When I accomponied one importer of beer on her journey to some wholesales & breweries in Belgium.

It was freezing. In the brewery too. So we kept our coats on.

I knew what breweries were looking like. I work in one myself. I was still happy to get a small tour.

The brewery equipment was not that exciting, except for a plate heat exchanger they had taken over from Chimay, but the building itself was.

They should put all those new breweries in old buildings. One way to keep old treasures saved for mankind.



I visited a friend of mine.

Although she’s living in another city I used to visit her at least once a week.

Now it was for the 1st time in months.

It was part of my space, my Zijperspace, so I took some shirts with me & tried to grab.

Grab, yeah, grab. Grab something. I don’t know what. Grab what’s me, parts of me, picturewise.