It’s already some time ago I took this picture. The room itself is not like it used to be.

Actually, I don’t know what it looks like it this moment. Haven’t been there for nearly a week. While they’ve probably worked on it all the time.

They’re moving tanks. Breaking down walls. Restructuring things. Etc…

So this photograph probably can’t be made anymore.

But in a way you can say that of lots of the other pictures also.
A girl sings at the background: Everything is temporary.

jack russell

Jack Russell

The owner of Brouwerij de Molen asked me why I didn’t take a photograph of the kegs being filled up.
You’re in a brewery, he said. You can’t see that if you’re taking pictures of the floor.

I replied that there was more colour in the flour. This small part here is so rich in colour.

And it’s also easier to lay a shirt down, instead of let it hang somewhere.



Just before I wanted to prepare myself to leave home I found out I hardly have any shirts on stock that are already photographed.

Interesting enough to wear today, that’s also something that came to my mind.

I quickly improvised some shootings.

But now it comes out that I nearly took them all.

There are just 2 or 3 left over that I still have to take a picture of.

An era comes to an end.

A small era.

But hey, how big is Zijperspace anyway…



It’s a whole bunch of breweries on the backside of the T-shirt.

I didn’t think about that when I saw somebody else with that same backside.

So I said: Hey, I do have the same shirt.

But it came out I didn’t when I saw the frontside.

& Also stupid of me: at that moment it didn’t come up to my mind which brewery was on the frontside of mine actually.

When I got home, yeah, then I knew. But then I already had felt myself stupid big time.

ik drink bier

Ik Drink Bier

‘Ik drink bier’ means ‘I drink beer’.
You could have guessed it.

The guy smashing the pink elephant used to drink lots of milk & was called Joris Driepinter.

= Joris 3 Pints.

He was very strong, the advertorials told us in those days, thanks to the large amounts of milk he drank each day.

Now somebody made him drink beer.

The pink elephant stayed the same. Nothing much has changed.



That was a big man I swopped this T with.

Let’s see if it’ll fit.

Otherwise I have to hide part of it in my trousers.

I’m afraid I’m not used to that. It always feels a bit strange to do so.

Unless I’m at home.



I never thought Nimbus.
I never drank Nimbus.

Looking at that Nimbus the only thing I do think is: do they mean an aureole?

I think I’m not a Nimbus.
I think I’m not a monkey either.

Although I’ve been growing a beard lately.

rock rhythm & brews

Rock Rhythm & Brews

Oops, I was too busy making a Sinterklaas-rhyme for realising that I had to turn on a T-shirt too.

More important: to place a picture of it here also.

Now I have to hurry. Don’t have time to say anything about it.

But maybe I’ll adjust this later on, when I get home tonight.



I was on my way back home, but had nearly 2 hrs to spend in Düsseldorf.

So I decided to try to visit 1 of my favourite breweries there.

It’s strange how I nearly always find the place I’m aiming for when in a strange city. Especially when I’m on my own.
I was walking straight to it.

& Maybe it was also because I was on my own that it was the 1st time I saw the Schumacher servants laughing.

They even laughed at a remark of mine.

But 1 was very disappointed when I had him walking up & down for a T-shirt I didn’t buy at the end.

After all those years the shirts were still in the same colours.



A few years ago I couldn’t imagine days I wouldn’t pass my own entrance for at least one time a day.

Now I’ve been staying inside already for the biggest part of it.

I’m getting older. I’m getting calm.

Some will say I’m getting boring.

They don’t have to worry, I was that already.

Now I have to take a shower, dress myself and leave for at meeting.

We’ll have to decide how we’re gonna organise the elections for best Dutch weblogs.

It’s about to be time.

To leave home, I mean.