Yesterday I saw they moved some refermantationtanks in the brewery I work in.

This picture is close to the place where they stand now.

They left a great mess at the place where they once stood.

Great, yeah.

I felt sorry I didn’t bring any shirts with me. Shirts are doing very well amidst dirt, broken walls & garbage I found out.

For me a brewery doesn’t have to be as clean as the commodity inspection department wants it.



I’m gonna swear all kinds of biblical curses today.

Today I was planning to take it at ease, to relax, to enjoy something in a very calm mood, to go to a museum & enjoy the sight of classic paintings from Dutch Masters.

But somebody spoiled my pleasure in it.

So I’m gonna do the same things, wear an extra black T, and say filthy things about that guy standing in front of beautiful paintings.

Without anyone noticing that off course.

That’ll teach him.