10 jaar

10 Jaar

Days like these sometimes seem to be accumulations of things coming together.

Just a ½ hour ago I turned on this shirt. I had decided to go out for something to treat myself after I staying home sick for 2 days.

I phoned my brother before leaving the house.
After a small talk he told me our mother was hospitalized again, just the other minute.

Then I figured whether it was a good decision to go work tomorrow.

Even when I hate Christmas time that much, isn’t it the time my mother should expect me? Escpecially now?

I tried to phone a friend. Her mail doens’t work properly. So she doesn’t answer my repeating emails.

But she also doesn’t hear her phone ringing. She regularly turns off the sound of it.
So I couldn’t get the advice I thought I needed so badly.

& 1 Of my bosses went mad when I told him I’d might be ill with Christmas.
I was so interested in working on both Christmasdays, he reproached to me.

What that’s got to do with the T-shirt?

Well, just that special things are coming together at special days. All at once.

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