I wanted to write a short message, for all the neighbours at the other side of the street. To let them know that each morning I wake up at 8.37.

‘Dear neighbours,
Each morning I wake up at 8.37.
That’s because someone is hooting to 1 of you. That certain ‘you’ is about to be picked up by that person. & That person wants to let ‘you’ know that he/she is there.

So, I’m waking up 2 hrs early than planned.
I do have another schedule, you see.’

I want to write something like that.

Because at days like this I keep on feeling tired. While this should be my day off.

I should rest.

I should be kept in peace.

So I’m able to let you people know what T-shirt I’m about to wear today.

I’m quite late now.

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