mein original

Mein Original

It was our last day in Forchheim.

German breweries don’t fancy t-shirts too much, I had concluded.
Just 1 T in a whole week of visiting breweries! And a hat (plus 1 hat that didn’t fit, but got for free).

We were sitting in Gasthof Neder. 1 Of the 4 breweries in Forchheim.
We were getting drunk.
Although we didn’t realize that.

A guy came sitting close to us, while we were already talking to some locals.

Hey, you have a T from St. Georgen, I remarked.
Yep, I work there, he reacted.
We also work in a brewery, I said. & We do have a T-shirt too.

I took my grey longsleeve out of my backpack.

Next moment he was sitting ½ naked next to me, trying to get my L-shirt over his XL-body.

Everybody laughed. & He was proud.

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