This is where I live.
Or: where I used to live.

I remember 1 summer, I had to be there 7 days a week.
It was the summer Margriet was my girlfriend.
For the rest nobody was there. Just Margriet, the shop & selling beer.

I was wondering, this afternoon, wether it was normal, for me, standing where I stood. Behind the counter, master of the register.

And then it started raining, this afternoon, just when I finished work.
I had to change T-shirts. Long- instead of shortsleeves.
But 1st I had to show people who I was, where I was, who I used to be in a former place where I still was standing.

When I stopped, this picture was taken, everything was dry again.

It’s like Murnau, the director. But shadows are yellow nowadays.
It’s still threatening though.

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