It was my 1st full day in Oberfrankenland. Totally on my own, but my nervousness was finally gone.

Not that I felt selfassured.
To find the brewery, clearly marked in my guide, it took me 5 minutes. Riding up & down the hill the village was built on.
I didn’t look too good.

& Entering the Gaststätte, I didn’t want to make any mistake while ordering a beer.
Of course that resulted in several of them.

I asked whether they had a T-shirt of their brewery.
Well, they did.
I smiled.
Kann ich ein T-shirt bekommen? I asked.

The manager walked to the back, behind the kitchen & stayed away for more than 5 minutes.

I just kept on standing in front of the bar. Ocassionally smiling at the bartender.
She smiled back.
We said nothing. The only thing she did was rinse some clean glasses.
I took sips of my beer.

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